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G Boyle's Genealogy

Descendants and relatives of Thomas and Henry Boyle,; and Sir Richard Boyle, First Earl of Cork


For a non-searchable Taylor family tree in PDF format click here (96 Kb). For a searchable version in DOC format click here (74 Kb).

For a non-searchable Rogers family tree in PDF format click here (9 Kb). For a searchable version in DOC format click here (19 Kb).

For a story of the life of Mary (Taylor) Boyle, click here (2.3 Mb, DOC format).

The picture to the right is the family of Alexander Taylor {Ta-AB} and Marion Stringer {St-CBE} of Bangor. It is said to be the only picture of the complete family. Andrew Taylor, the young boy at the front, died at age 19. I estmate this picture was taken about 1900.

My Grandmother, Mary (Taylor) Boyle, was one of ten children born to a family living in Bangor, Ontario. From a very early age, she was interested in collecting family history. The oldest item I found among her belongings was a copy of the registrations in the local school house that she had made when she was sixteen. The original is long gone, and her copy is, to my knowledge, the only copy still extant.

Much of the information presented in this section of the website was collected by her in the years between 1930 and 1974, when she passed away.

She developed five significant family trees: Davis {Da-}, Taylor {Ta-}, Forest {Fo-}, Stringer {St-}, and McAllister [McA-}. In addition, she developed minor family trees for the Rogers {Ro-}, and Briscoes {Br-}.

From this page you will be able to access the Taylor and Rogers data.

In this Taylor surname wordle we see that the Boyle 

contingent, of which I am a member, is small compared 

with the Watchorn and Ruffey contingents.

Robinson Taylor {Ta-A} and Agnes Forest {Fo-B}

Alexander Taylor {Ta-AB} and Marion Stringer {St-CBE}

In the fall of 2008 I had opportunity to visit with Phoebe Taylor {Ta-ABCE} in the company of my Aunt Phyllis Boyle {Bo-BDDAB}. At that time Phoebe showed me some family pictures and expressed the wish that she could have an album containing photos of her family as well as photos of some ancestors, photos that I had brought to show her from my grandmother’s collection. The little booklet, downloadable below, is the result.

Most people knew Phoebe Marion Betty Taylor Betty, her third given name. She was active in public life and was well-known by many, but, as far as I know, always by the name Betty. But, for most of my life, I only knew her as Pheobe, and so, out of respect for the special connection between her and my Aunt Phyllis, I prefer to continue to call her Phoebe. In my last conversation with her, before she passed away, I struggled to remember to call her Betty out of politeness, but she assured me that such efforts were not needed.

Here is the tale behind this odd problem. When Phoebe was very young, her mother became very ill and unable to care for the baby’s needs. Then Robert Taylor {Ta-ABC}, her father, brought his family to Sand Point to live with his sister Mary (Taylor) Boyle {Bo-BDDA(S)}, and her two children, Edgar and Phyllis. Phyllis, who was aged about 16 at the time, took over the responsibility of looking after the needs of the tiny baby Phoebe, and continued to do so for approximately two years, as Phyllis remembers it. Phyllis and young Phoebe developed a strong bond at that time. The child was called Phoebe by name. At some point, Phoebe’s older sister came home from College and delivered some wise advice. She said that Phoebe was an old fashioned name, as was Marion, and they really should call her sister by the name of Betty, her third given name. All agreed, and the family practice changed, and from then on everybody called her Betty. Everybody, that is, except Phyllis. Phyllis had an aunt by the name of Phoebe Theresa Taylor {Ta-ABG} whom she held in some regard, and was determined that she would continue to call her young charge by the name of Phoebe, regardless of what others did.

My connection to the Taylor family was largely through my grandmother and Phyllis. Grandma, that is Mary (Taylor) Boyle, often spoke of Uncle Bob’s daughter, Betty. Phyllis often spoke of Uncle Bob’s daughter, Phoebe. For most of my life, I really was uncertain whether they were two different people, or one and the same. After my grandmother passed away in 1974, I heard often from Phyllis about Phoebe’s family, and her activities in public life. When I looked at pictures with Phyllis, this cousin of mine was always called Phoebe. When I went with Phyllis, in 2008, to visit with Phoebe, I was surprised when she introduced herself as Betty. 40 years of confusion started to sort itself out. But I struggled, as I say, when faced with Phoebe/Betty for the first time, a woman about whom I had thought I knew quite a bit.

We had a really good laugh over my confusion. Phoebe/Betty explained to me that Phyllis and I were the only people who referred to her by the name of Phoebe, and it was fine by her. So, out of respect for the special link between Phoebe and Phyllis, and the grace with which I was allowed to share in their special connection, I prefer to refer to Betty as Phoebe in the title of this little booklet.

For a copy of Phoebe's Photo Album, as I prepared for her in February of 2009, click here (2.0 Mb). To understand the Alphabetic IDentifiers used in this boollet, and elsewhere on the site, download and read "About AIDs" from here. To see how the various ancestors' photos relate to you, download the appropriate family tree file for TAYLOR, FOREST, STRINGER or McALLISTER​.

Last updated: 23 October 2012