G Boyle's Genealogy

Descendants and relatives of Thomas and Henry Boyle,; and Sir Richard Boyle, First Earl of Cork


While Karl Porath is not my ancestor, his family married into the Boyle family, so some of my Boyle-descended cousins are also descended from Karl and Caroline Porath.

The relatively sparse surname wordle to the left would indicate that I have very little detail about this family.  That is correct.

There is more information about this family in the booklet "Do You Mind The Time, When ... ?" (1.7 Mb, PDF format).

For a non-searchable family tree in PDF format, click here (17 Kb).  For a searchable version in DOC format, click here (26 Kb).


The above wordle of given names in this family would indicate a German origin for this family.


Last updated: 23 October 2012