G Boyle's Genealogy

Descendants and relatives of Thomas and Henry Boyle,; and Sir Richard Boyle, First Earl of Cork


I am not descended from a Parcher.  However I have included a parcher 'founding father' in my data base due to the high number of marriages between this family and my Boyle relatives.  Parchers have married into the Boyle, Davis, Riley, Stringer and Taylor families, though the Boyle surname does not appear in the wordle.

This is an old North American family that seemed to always move to frontier lands.  In the late 1600s we find them in Maine and Vermont.  With names like Aaron, Grace, Patience and Temperence, I presume they were of Quaker stock.  In the late 1700s we find them homesteading in Quebec.  And in the early 1800s they are homesteading in Hastings County in Ontario. 

The wordle to the left gives you an indication of the relative dominance of the various surnames in this family tree.  Notice that the name BOYLE is absent, but most of these people are of Boyle descent through early marriage of Boyle-descended women to Parchers and Stringers.

For a non-searchable family tree in PDF format, click here (52 Kb).  For a searchable version in DOC format, click here (54 Kb).


While this given name wordle has little genealogical import, it is, I think, cool art?


Last updated: 23 October 2012