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G Boyle's Genealogy

Descendants and relatives of Thomas and Henry Boyle,; and Sir Richard Boyle, First Earl of Cork


My grandmother, Mary (Taylor) Boyle, was the family historian of the Forest family picnic for almost twenty years. During those years she compiled this family tree. Notice the large contingent for Hamilton, Fraser, Briscoe and Canfield. I, of course, am part of that small Boyle contingent represented in the bottom right corner of the wordle.

For a non-searchable Forest family tree in PDF format click here (173 Kb). For a searchable version in DOC format click here (126 Kb).


Amongst my Grandmother's things I have found this picture of the forest picnic taken in the summer of 1948. I have cut in into four (overlapping) pieces so that each quarter can be made fairly large on the screen. Unfortunately, the picture did not come with names. If you recognize anyone in this picture, or, better, if you have a copy with names associated, I would love to hear. I believe each of the people in this photograph are cousins, by blood or by marriage.

I strongly suspect that each and every one of these people are named in the Forest family tree downloadable above, but I have no way to associate names with faces. Since my grandmother was the official genealogist for this crowd, and since she sent out her first copy of the FOREST tree at about that time (1948) it makes sense that she would have started with these people and built it up from there. She was very diligent in following up on names. My own siblings, Brian Boyle(b. 1946), Beverley Boyle (b. 1947) and David Boyle (b. June 1948) are probably not here, as David was only a month old at the time, and I would guess that my mother was at home with the three children. I was not born yet. But, my grandmother Mary (Taylor) Boyle {Ta-ABF; Bo-BDDA(S)} is in the 2nd quarter near the left, I think my father Edgar John Taylor Boyle {Bo-BDDAA}, my aunt Phyllis Boyle {Bo-BDDAB} may be here (I have not spotted them), and probably many Taylor relatives are also present.

[121104 - GHB - I found this note.] The John Forest First Family Reunion July 21, 1948; By Moulton; On the Back, a stamp: [J. C. Moulton, Renfrew Photo Centre, Everything Photographic, Renfrew, Ont., Phone 1066]; Mary (Taylor) Boyle {Ta-ABF; Bo-BDDA(S)}: Back Row, 14th from left; Phyllis Edna Sarah Boyle (Bo-BDDAB}: Far right, first female in second row from back, in front of man with white shirt and tie in back row; Alexander (Sandy) Campbell {Ta-ABEA}: Far right, sitting on ground, above ā€˜nā€™ of Moulton.

John Forest {Fo-(-1)},

husband of Marion Gilchrist,

Father of John Forest Jr

John Forest Jr {Fo-} (1806-1880)

and his Wife, Mary Stewart {Ste-A} (1809-1879)

Founding Father of the Forest Family of Ontario

Last updated: 04 November 2012