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G Boyle's Genealogy

Descendants and relatives of Thomas and Henry Boyle,; and Sir Richard Boyle, First Earl of Cork


A large and diverse DAVIS family has, for over forty years, held a family reunion at Papineau Lake, Ontario, or at Maynooth, Ontario, near the site of the original Davis homesteads. For several years my grandmother, parents and aunt Phyllis were enthusiastic participants, and from time-to-time I also was able to attend. This was one of the many branches of my extended family that my grandmother, Mary (Taylor) Boyle, had documented very extensively prior to her departure from this life in 1974. I published the bulk of her work on the Davis family in the BOYLE BULLetin, supplemented by a little research of my own, and data gathered when I attended one of their reunions in the early 1980s. Since my retirement, I have been a more active participant in these reunions, and have developed some friendships among these warm and friendly people.

John Henry Boyle, of Centreview, Ontario, my great-grand-father, married Sarah Jane Davis, and so I am a member of this large Davis family that settled in Hastings County and has spread from there throughout North America. But that was not the only Boyle/Davis liaison. Sarah's older brother George married Eliza Boyle. When two large families grow up in the wilderness far from other settlements, you can expect such multiple connections between families. And so, there is a double connection between the Boyles and Davises.


You will find quite a bit about this family in various issues of the BOYLE BULLetin. These are available from their own tab in this website, but in non-searchable PDF format. To download issues of the BULL, please go to that tab.


But, in addition, I have written a little booklet of tales and reminiscences of members of the DAVIS family, commemorating the 40th DAVIS reunion, which was held in 2011. You can download a copy of that booklet here. ("Do You Mind the Time When ... Click here, 5.2 Mb, PDF.) A Version of slightly higher pixel density, suitable for printing as a bound copy, is available via email.

The most ancient ancestor identified for this tree is Joseph Davis, who lived in County Wexford, Ireland, and who was born in 1792. We speculate that this family came to Wexford from Wales during the period of plantations in the 1600s, and before that, they may have been either of Welsh or Norman heritage. For a family tree showing Joseph Davis and his direct relatives (PDF version, 156 Kb Click here; DOC version, 107 Kb Click here). This file is a composite of data obtained from the unpublished works of my grand-mother (Mary (Taylor) Boyle), from correspondence recieved as I published the BOYLE BULLetin, and from charts recorded when I attended the DAVIS reunion in the early 1980s. The emphasis is heavily on the BOYLE branches, and includes few people born after 1990, when I last updated the information. A far more complete tree is available from David Kelley of Combermere (see below).

The PDF version has 30 pages of tree, and 43 pages of index. It prints on 8.5 by 11 inch paper. The DOC version has 20 pages, and prints on 8.5 by 14 inch paper (legal size). These documents use unique Alphabetic IDentifiers for each person. For a description of these see the page 'About AIDs and Founding Fathers'.  

The above wordle of the surnames in this family 

shows significant inclusion of many related 

families such as Russett, Raycroft, McLean and Briscoe.

Some Interesting Links and Contacts

Here are a few links of interest to members of this DAVIS family.

Gary Davis is in the process of constructing a website about this DAVIS family. (Click here.) It may have a password control on it. To contact Gary, here is his email address. ([email protected])

David Kelley, curator of the Mission House museum of Combermere, Ontario, has done extensive work on the DAVIS family tree associated with this family, and has entered all of the data gathered over forty years of reuinions, and put it into a single tree. I have purchased a copy from him and am very pleased with the layout and content. It comes in two massive three-ringed binders. David can be contacted at this email address. ([email protected]). I have also sent a number of BOYLE/DAVIS artifacts to him for display in the museum, if you have an interest in such things.

Last updated: 23 October 2012