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G Boyle's Genealogy

Descendants and relatives of Thomas and Henry Boyle,; and Sir Richard Boyle, First Earl of Cork


Thomas and Henry Boyle immigrated to Canada in 1823 as part of the settlement scheme of the Honorable Peter Robinson, after whom the city of Peterborough is now named. Thomas and Henry were each given a lot on the top of Mount Pakenham. I visited those sites, and they each consist of 100 acres of bald pre-cambrian granite at either end and swampy granite-bottomed pondland in the middle. After about a year of trying to farm this unfarmable land, they moved to Huntley township and occupied two lots near Panmure, Ontario, where they fared much better. These two lots had been abandoned, and the former settlers had moved to the US. In the 1840s, after a fire had devastated the nearby forest land, and disease had taken his first wife, Henry moved to the Eganville area. His homestead was on "Boyle's Hill" near Germanicus road,

where an orchard and ruins are all that now remain of his homestead. In this page you can obtain information related specifically to the descendants of these two pioneer settlers.

The graphic seen above is called a 'Wordle' and is produced using the site The most common surnames found among the descendants of Thomas and Henry have been incorporated. The size of the word indicates the relative rate of occurrence. Of course, Boyle is the most common surname, but note that STOREY, DAVIS, MARSHALL, PARCHER and others are very common.

Family Trees

The family trees for Thomas and Henry can be downloaded in two formats: PDF format (click here, 421 Kb, 189 pages, including index), or DOC format (click here, 278 Kb, 69 pages). The information in this tree is the work of many people. On Thomas' branch of the family, the majority of it was compiled by Margaret Boyle of Arnprior, who was my Latin teacher. Some years after I had graduated from university she contacted me and sent me a copy of her published genealogical booklet, and gave me permission to join it to mine. I understand that she was helped in the compilation by others such as Dr. Herb Storey of Calgary, Alberta, and Len Hunt of Darlingford, Manitoba. On Henry's branch of the family, F.Clyde Lendrum sent me a substantial part of Robert Boyle's branch, Ms Martin of Pembroke sent me much of William Boyle's branch, and I collected the rest through correspondence and meetings with relatives. Most of this has been published in the BOYLE BULLetin, and I have done little work on it since about 1995.

Some Interesting Links

Here are some links to websites put up and maintained by descendants of Thomas and Henry:

- L Curtis Boyle is the most active genealogy enthusiast in the THOMAS BOYLE branch of the family. He has extracted the details of many people described in the BOYLE BULLetins, and made those details searchable on the internet. He also has a photo collection, and other things of interest. For access to his website, click here.

- Keith Boyle has also put up an interesting website addressing THOMAS BOYLE branch of the family. His website also addresses his non-Boyle ancestors and relatives. For access to his website, click here.

Last updated: 22 October 2012